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Holistic Dentistry (Holistic Dental Treatment)

Western medicine has always been the mainstream of modern medicine, accomplishing remarkable advancements in knowledge and practice.However, the number of patients suffering chronic problems such as obstinate dermatitis, backache, stiff shoulders, migraine, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. has been increasing.
In cases where the cause / symptom relationship is obvious, western medicine works very well, but when the cause and symptoms seem unrelated, eastern or holistic medicine could prove effective. Since medicine and dentistry are studied separately at university however, most medical practitioners and dentists are not aware of how dental problems can affect general health conditions. People who suffer from the above conditions and have been told the cause is uncertain, unknown or there is no way to treat them, visit our clinic from all over Japan. And in fact, 80% of them have shown improvements in their conditions.

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Unsteadiness by electro magnetic waves from a cellular phone.

Electromaganetic waves from cellar phone induces unsteadiness! Is this a suicide or an incident?

Unsteady and dizziness because of a dental implant

Unsteady and dizziness because of a dental implant.

Electromagnetic wave from personal computer induced electromagnetic wave hypersensitivity through a dental implant.

Dental treatment for dizziness and joint mobility disorder

Dental treatment for dizziness and joint mobility disorder

Intractable lumbago was cured by dental treatment with
a matal onlay.

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