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Case Introduction

Atopic Dermatitis

Although this person was diagnosed as having atopic dermatitis a long time ago we discovered he was actually allergic to metal.

Atopic Dermatitis

●brfore                 ●after
beforeのサムネール画像 afterのサムネール画像

This patient had had atopic dermatitis since birth and had always been on steroids. 6 years ago the condition got worse and she was told it could be from using steroids. Although she started a diet and treatment without steroids, the symptoms continued to come and go. One year after replacing all her dental fillings the dermatitis had gone and never recurred! As this patient had the condition from birth it is thought that it was initially contracted from her mother. Research shows that mercury freely passes the placental barrier and can affect the fetus. The fact that the patient's mother had palmoplanter pustulosis caused by mercury from her own dental fillings supports this reason.

Atopic Dermatitis

This patient was diagnosed with a metal allergy in her second year of junior high. The condition, which began on her fingers, was triggered by playing the flute. Steroid treatment was prescribed and the conditions seemed to settle down. However, it returned about 6 years ago and failed to respond to different treatments from various dermatologists. Eventually she was unable to continue working. Three months after we started replacing her fillings as well as stopping the steroids (photo, right), the dermatitis had completely gone.

When this lady visited us the first time, her allergy was severe. By replacing her fillings and adjusting the alignment of her teeth, her condition dramatically improved. The photograph on the far right was taken 4 years after her last visit to our clinic. We hardly recognized her as she had changed so much.

Atopic Dermatitis

●before                                                     ●after
before after

Condition has been improved after several months.

Atopic Dermatitis with Lateral Curvature of the spine

This patient's atopic dermatitis was particularly bad and she was undergoing steroid treatment from a dermatologist. As you can see, her posture was badly affected. This was because her malocclusion and jawbones couldn't support her whole body properly. Treating malocclusion and adjusting jawbones improved her posture as well as dermatitis.
At dermatologist, they only looked at her skin condition without seeing her posture. That was why they couldn't verify the real cause.

Palmoplanter Pustulosis

It's said there's no particular cause for this kind of severe and obstinacy skin condition. Patient eventually became not to be able to walk with the condition but it's not rare that conditions are improved with removing metal teeth fillings.

Palmoplanter Pustulosis

The skin condition of the palms of one patient was so severe that it interfered with his job. After several months of dental treatment his condition completely cleared up.

Bed-ridden old people stand up!!

A video showing a bed-ridden old person being able to stand up and walk caught attention in the dental industry. The video was shown in national parliament to demonstrate that dental treatments which have this kind of result could significantly help to reduce the burden on national health insurance. According to (video maker) Dr. Yoshiaki Fujii's thesis, one out of five people who were treated were able to subsequently stand up and walk. Being able to walk by ourselves till the end of our lives: isn't that what everybody wants?

Examples: 2 weeks after fitting dentures.

Bed-ridden elderly people in aged care facilities are usually not given their dentures to wear. Two weeks after this man started wearing properly fitted dentures, his condition improved remarkably as if he were another person. The purpose of dental treatment is not only for prolonging life, but also for being healthy until the end.

This woman used to be completely bed-ridden. In fact, everyone had given up to the point where it seemed acceptable if she were to pass away the following day. However, she improved significantly after putting her re-adjusted dentures back in which she hadn't worn since becoming bed-ridden. The photo (right) captures her being energetic enough to complain to the photographer. This lady passed away several years ago but she was fine until two days before she died.

This photo shows "tanzaku" from "tanabata". You can see how much every old person wants to get better.

Video1: Aged people making significant recoveries.



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